Sredni Vashtar (8mins) Drama

Adaptation of Saki’s macabre short story. Following the death of his parents in Burma, Conradin is sent to live with his strict, religious Aunt in Scotland. Rebelling against his guardian, Conradin invents a religion centered on his own… Read More

The Choir (10mins) Comedy-Drama.

Comedy drama about a boy called Lesley who is desperate to make it as one of the hard guys. Today he starts a new school and this time he might just achieve his goal – if only he… Read More

Divine (11mins) Comedy

  Described as ‘warmly wicked’ by the Celtic Film Festival (where it won Best Short) Divine is a comedy about a young girl who seeks the attention of her family by announcing that she is going to be… Read More

Showreel (4mins)

  Prizes for the films in this showreel include: Best Short Film Director – BAFTA Scotland, Best Short Film – Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Best Short Film – Celtic Film Festival, Best Short Film -Toronto Film Festival… Read More